Taking a Chance


100 days of what makes me happy, in photographs. Day 7: Being at a place in my life where I am able to find beauty in people and places that are ordinarily overlooked.


6lexingtonfurnituremill1bw2 3Often we forget to be kind, or spend our time blaming others for our pain, when in reality, we are the captain of our souls.
“What is real to me is the power of our awareness when we are focused on something beyond ourselves. It is a shaft of light shining in a dark corner. Our ability to shift our perceptions and seek creative alternatives to the conondrums of modernity is in direct proportion to our empathy. Can we imagine, witness, and ultimately feel the suffering of another?”
~ Terry Tempest Williams

Fading Away- Stonewall Jackson School, Concord, North Carolina


A mans quest to make a difference in the lives of troubled youth led to the opening of this reformatory school in the early 1900’s.  Sadly, it is being swallowed up by ivy, overwhelmed by nature, and left to slowly … Continue reading