The Exhumation

Tenacity isn't definable at the surface.

These pictures represent a history of neglect of what was once vibrant and necessary for the survival of a community.  This story quietly repeats itself throughout many of our cities and towns, these factories once pulsated with purpose and pride are now left broken and abandoned.  Imagine, if you will, that these shattered windows and disregarded buildings reflect the effects of domestic violence in a very similar way. Much like the forgotten factories, abuse leaves a trail of destruction in history that repeats itself in every town and city and has no socioeconomic borders. The jagged edges of the broken windows illustrate the sharp, raw reality of shame and fear. Likewise, consider that the jagged edges of the broken glass denotes the careful survival dance of the victim; one perceived wrong move by the abuser may very well render the victim emotionally and/or physically bloodied. Beautiful and vibrant women are…

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