Lessons I Have Learned: Go Forth Boldly and Share Your Light

While I have recently found time to breathe deeply and contemplate the past year, I have been reflecting on my inner strength. I am indeed tenacious and passionate about my life and about empowering others to find their own strength within. As I have made my way toward healthy relationships and walked away from detractors, I have found peace and love within my heart and have been embraced by the most incredible friendships I have ever known. As I became free from the shackles of self-doubt and self-hate, my world has been filled with positive relationships and a support network that surrounds me with love and kindness when life throws an inevitable curve ball.
My lessons to share: Go boldly forth with an open heart and let your light shine and your world will bloom in unimaginable ways. When the curve balls come, instead of retreating, move boldly forward and your light will illuminate the way.
To my loving and supportive friends and my amazing children, thank you for sharing your light.


4 thoughts on “Lessons I Have Learned: Go Forth Boldly and Share Your Light

  1. An open heart is an amazing thing. Keep doubting those curve balls and every now and again hit one for a home run, just to unsettle the pitcher(who ever that is).
    Light, happiness and good fortune to you Eileeen.

  2. Thank you for sharing your light Eileen. It was always there just overshadowed by life’s circumstances. You have overcome and shine brightly. You’re my star.

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