Tot ziens

As I prepare for my journey to the Netherlands, I am contemplating the long road which led me to this moment in time.  For years I was mired in pain, suffering, and long held beliefs that emptied my soul of truth.  Clinging to an ingrained mindset based on fear and self-doubt,  my life held no meaning beyond my children.  I rolled through life curled up like a tightly wound ball of yarn afraid of unraveling. Yet, it was the very unraveling that led me to my truth.  I am perfectly imperfect, tenacious and passionate, stubborn and empathetic, and full of life.  I am packing up my camera and headin’ out to change a few things!



3 thoughts on “Tot ziens

  1. How many women would stay in that tightly wound ball and accept their lives……..Your ball came undone and look at you now, Eileen. I am so very proud of you. Your courage and quest for change is admirable and amazing!!!!! I love you.

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