There is no time for apathy…

or mindless distraction.

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Such words come from a terrific website I found while researching: //

This ambition to live my life to the fullest certainly carries it’s fair share of risks such as being misunderstood, failure, tunnel vision, and the usual suspect, “creativity depletion.” With that being said, the alternative is apathy, and that folks, is not an alternative I wish to visit.  So I trudge forward and learn more with each passing day. is another website that provided some photographic inspiration.  Most notably, “A Woman’s War,”  an ethnically diverse look into  problems women are dealing with in the real world.  What struck me was the photographer’s uncanny ability to capture emotion in the faces of the women in the images.

While researching “creating a photo essay”, I came upon the following website:  This site has helped me to regroup and clarify my objectives with my photo-essay.  Arrangement is key to creating a fluid narrative. Ha! So simple?  I think not.  But nonetheless, I now have a better understanding of how to move forward.

Lastly, as I consider social change an important aspect of what I dare hope to achieve in my own small way, my research led me to Stephen Shames:  Shames had an incredible portfolio of photographs that drew you in. Poignant and some quite riveting, they gave me inspiration of what to strive for with my images.  …If only I could have an hour of his time to pick his brain…

My research and photography has held me captive for the past several weeks, and gladly so.  I have some amazing images to show for it! Damn that feels good.

Shout out to a very patient man in my life as he patiently stands by me while I photograph, and a great friend who is willing to wake up very early to meet me at the railroad tracks…and lend me her basement…You know who you are, and I am grateful for your support.


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