Exposure Madness and Documentary Photographers hmmm…

My lesson for the week was trying to understand exposure more thoroughly and to research documentary photographers.  What I have learned is that my lessons are instructive, however, to really understand exposure is to go out with my camera and play.  In a perfect world, I would be happy to play all day everyday with my camera, but reality sets in and I need to eek out a few hours this week playing with exposure in different lighting situations (bright sunny days as well as night).  An interesting tid bit from my exposure lesson was not being afraid of using overexposure (high key) as a tool in creating a transparency that is visually artistic in a photograph. I tend to fear overexposure, so I will have to leave that in the dust.

My research on documentary photographers has enlightened me to a new (to me) photographer, Mimi Chakarova –


What an incredible find! She has a way of knowing exactly how and when to capture vulnerability in her subjects.  It’s in the eyes…

Her contrasting black and white/color photographs of the people of Kashmir are disturbingly effective in documenting their plight.  Chakarova will be someone I will continue to study as I work toward my goals.

Similarly, I was reminded of Milton Rogovin as I was researching.  His use of black and white film to capture the “forgotten” people of the world produces powerful images and he had an obvious way of using exposure to make a statement.  His images are amazing. His photographs where proof of my exposure lessons on moving beyond automatic – overriding the conservative auto exposure settings of your camera to create an excellent image. A goal for this week is to watch his documentary “The rich have their own photographers.”


I also came across Erica McDonald and was inspired by her use of blur and shadows in creating an effective image that conveys a conceptual message.


My assignment for the week is Still Life.  Considerations for this assignment are:

using highest resolution, shoot in RAW, flat lighting??? (not sure about this), using a tripod and using a small aperture.

Photo’s will be added soon!

P.S.  I need more hours in the day 🙂


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