Initial attempt at my first assignment in the masterclass book and research fun

Night Moves

Night Moves

Strangely alluringFunSerenecitylightsnightnight5Last night I travelled to Trade St. (art district of) Winston-Salem in order to photograph city lights and was generally uninspired.  I think, actually I know, I over think, which tends to kill my creativity… So I came away with a couple of cool pics that were not city lights, but interesting window dressing I noticed as I moved through the art district.  Not one to give up, I will be hitting up Greensboro this evening fully engaged with my creative side.

My topic of research this week was to read photoblogs on using photography to inspire social change and in doing the research I found inspiration and now have new questions that I need to consider as I move forward towards my goal of using my photography to bring attention to Domestic Violence.  What I inspired me was the people who have actually accomplished using photography to create social awareness and change.  An added consideration was using photo’s to not only move the viewer, but to educate with possible solutions as well.  This is not something I had considered, but would like to attempt going forward.

Questions such as how shocking does the image need to be, or is shocking counterproductive? What makes people turn away from a photo, or to be moved by it?  How do I take an image that will provoke people to act, or at the very least to consider another perspective? How do I take a photo that inspires people to act, not react?

A great blog – PhotoPhilanthropy and from it a thought provoking paragraph-

I started to wonder about the essays that pulled me out of the (seemingly) simple act of regarding photographs and into a more emotional and reflective engagement with the people and environments pictured. There were essays made up of forceful and adept single images, but they lacked the compositional flow and narrative arc of images that are connected by structure in every sense. There was something especially compelling about essays that alluded to the past while pointing to a way out, as one of my fellow judges put it—stories that showed that intervention and aid could make a tangible difference in people’s lives, that were held together by a subdued but palpable hopefulness in the possibility of change because one could see concrete ways to help through action (giving, working). So how to craft a powerful, effective, thought-provoking, attitude-shifting body of work (in this case, out of ten lonely photographs) that can be heard and felt, to switch metaphors, amidst all the noise of visual media? from:

and one more favorite from my research:

Third Star Photography | Social Change, Some Travel and a Wedding or Two


**** addendum***  Night three in GSO was the charm. The light trails turned out cool, but still would like some more interesting night pics. 2/11/13


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